Who can apply to a master degree?

a) Holders of an underdegree course (Bachelor) or legal equivalent;

b) Holders of a foreign higher Education Bologna 1st cycle obtained within a Bologna State;

c) Holders of a foreign Higher Education underdegree recognized as meeting the objectives as reaching the goals set forth an underdegree by the competent scientific body of the higher education institution where they wish to be admitted;

d) Holders of an academic, scientific or professional curriculum that is recognized as certifying the capacity to carry out this cycle of studies by the competent scientific body of the higher education institution where they wish to be admitted.

When to apply?

The application deadlines for the academic year 2014-2015 will be announced timely.

How to apply?

The application for a Master degree is held online throughout a link available for this purpose and follows the filling out of a form and the sending of specific documentation identified in the application procedures.

What documents are required?

To complete the application process it is required to submit, whatever the master in question, the following mandatory documents:

1.Curriculum vitae

2.Copy of identification documents

3.Academic certificate (s)

The master coordination may also, in case of interest, request further information to instruct the application process.

In the case of foreign students, these documents must be authenticated by the Portuguese consulate in the country of origin, or by the Hague Convention, and if they are not written in Portuguese, Spanish, French or English, they must be translated into Portuguese by a translator recognized by the Portuguese diplomatic mission.

How much does it costs?

The master degree costs at IPLeiria varies per academic year. The exact value can be found on the page for each master. It is added the payment of 60 € for registration fee, fixed and approved in the table of fees and charges of IPLeiria. To masters students is also associated the payment of the school insurance (required at the moment of registration / enrollment per school year) amounting to € 1.80. The tuition fee is set annually, and the payment is previously scheduled. The first payment is made upon registration procedures.