Campus 2 | Leiria

The School of Technology and Management (ESTG) and the School of Health Sciences (ESSlei) and the largest library of the Institute, the Library José Saramago are located in campus 2.


School of Technology and Management (ESTG)

ESTG gives training in the domains of engineering and technology and  business sciences and  para-legal studies, and is recognized for its strong connection to the business, not only in the region but also at national level.


The high number of partnerships with companies and institutions has allowed a strong increase in the area of ​​project development and service delivery. Many classes are taught in business context.

The school is attended by about 4500 students and consists of five buildings devoted to pedagogical activity, research, administrative and service delivery. It also has a building with specific features dedicated exclusively to Automotive Engineering course.

ESTG has 48 laboratories in various fields of Engineering, Technology and Management.


School of Health Sciences (ESSLei)

The ESSLei has been devoted to the training of nurses, attended by about 1000 students.


The School is equipped with ten laboratories which employs the practical lessons of Nursing course: five Laboratories of Nursing Practice, a Basic Physics Laboratory, a Kinesiotherapy Laboratory, an Electrotherapy Laboratory, an Anatomy Laboratory, and a Laboratory Bathing Care.

Its students begin, in the first year of training, clinical education in public health institutions, practice that is extended throughout the course.


Library José Saramago

The Library José Saramago is a modern infrastructure and an excellent study space, especially suitable for the academic and scientific work. Endowed with the necessary equipment for its mission, it allows literature searches, physically or online, and the development of individual or group works, in reading rooms, with a capacity for 570 people, or cabinets specifically designed for that purpose.


On campus 2 there is a range of options that address the concern of IPLeiria in providing a diversified and balanced diet to its students: two canteens, a snack bar, four bars and a restaurant.