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Civil Engineering – Building Construction

Expression of interest
  • Notice: Notice
  • School: ESTG | School of Technology and Management _ Leiria
  • Course language: English
  • Duration: 24 months
  • ECTS: 120
  • Scheme: Day Classes
  • Numerus clausus: I. General Contingent: 5
    II. International Student Contingent: 15
  • Course coordinator: Florindo José Mendes Gaspar |
  • Application fee: 60€
  • Enrolment fee: 500€ for International Student Contingent
  • Tuition fee: I. General Contingent: 1.040€ /per year
    II. International Student Contingent: 3.000€/per year
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To grant the Master degree in Civil Engineering – Building Construction, allowing holders of an undergraduate degree in a similar field to continue their studies, and improve their knowledge on civil construction, structures, hydraulics and environment, road design, planning, and transportation. In this degree, students will develop original applications in a specific field, by doing a project, a dissertation or an internship. When completing the Master, students should be able to:

1) Apply the learnt knowledge, understand and solve problems in new and unfamiliar situations, in a broad and multidisciplinary context;

2) Develop solutions, and make decisions in real situations, with limited or incomplete information;

3) Communicate their conclusions and fundaments to experts and non-experts, clearly and without ambiguities;

4) Autonomously commit to lifelong learning.

People who can apply to the Master’s Degree:

a) Holders of an undergraduate degree or a legal equivalent in Civil Engineering, and related technological fields;

b) Holders of a higher education diploma, granted after a first cycle of studies, under the principles of the Bologna Process, by a State, which has subscribed this Process, in Civil Engineering, and related technological fields;

c) Holders of a higher education diploma that is recognized as meeting the objectives of an undergraduate degree by the Technical and Scientific Council of the School of Technology and Management, in Civil Engineering, and related technological fields;

d) Holders of an academic, scientific or professional curriculum that is recognized as certifying the skills to attend this cycle of studies by the Technical and Scientific Council of the School of Technology and Management.




1st year, 1st semester

Subjects Contact hours1 ECTS Obs
Dynamic Analysis and
Earthquake Engineering
T: 30; TP: 40; PL: 5 TO: 5 7  Required
Construction and
Maintenance of Road Pavements
T: 15; TP: 45; TO: 5 6  Required
Urban Hydraulics T: 15; TP: 45; TO: 5 6  Required
Coatings and Finishes TP: 60; TO: 5 6  Required
Sustainable Construction TP: 45; TO: 5 5  Required

1st year, 2nd semester

Subjects Contact hours ECTS Obs
Safety and Quality in
Construction and Projects
TP: 60; TO: 5 6   Required
Wood and Masonry Structures T: 15; TP: 40; PL: 5; TO: 5 6  Required
Modelling and Evaluation of
T: 15; PL: 45; TO: 5 5  Required
Environmental Comfort in
TP: 30; PL: 15; TO: 5 5  Required
Pathology and
Rehabilitation of Buildings
TP: 55; PL: 5; TO: 5 6   Required
Introduction to Research in
Civil Engineering
TP: 15; S: 15 2  Required

2nd year (3rd and 4th Semesters)

Subjects Contact hours ECTS Obs
Prestressed Structures and
Prefabrication a)
T: 15; TP: 40; PL: 5; TO: 5 6  Required
Support Structures and
Improvement of Soils a)
T: 15; TP: 45; TO: 5 6 Required
Mobility Planning and
Management a)
TP: 60; TO: 5 6 Required
Project b) TO: 30 42 Optional
Dissertation b) TO: 30 42 Optional
Internship b) I: 840; TO: 15 42 Optional

1 T: Theory Classes; TP: Theory -Practice Classes; PL: Pratice and Laboratory; I: Internship; TO: Tutorial Orientation; S: Seminar; ECTS: European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System

a) 3rd semester.

b) Choose one of three optional subjects.

Career opportunities:

  • Design and consulting offices of civil engineering;
  • Civil construction companies;
  • Planning, supervision and management of water and environmental resources, both in central and local administration, and private companies;
  • Management and operation of water supply, wastewater and solid waste treatment;
  • City Halls, insurance companies, and banks;
  • Research and development.